Economic Development Opportunities

 Affordability and opportunity: the sweet spot.

Call it an opportunity whose time has come. A regional area covering an expansive 500 square miles across the eastern portion of the Coachella Valley, the East Valley is experiencing unprecedented growth.

The area is bounded on the west by Washington Street, on the east by the Chocolate Mountains and Mecca, on the north by the city of Indio to the base of the Little San Bernardino Mountains, and south to Salton City, near the Salton Sea.

Why the East Valley? A combination of access to an evolving skilled workforce, the spectrum of housing choices, increasing education and higher education options, access via two main commercial corridors (I-10 Freeway and Highway 111), growing annual sales tax from residents, tourists, snowbirds and other visitors including world-class tourism and events, and an influx of young families.

These are families who have disposable income yet are seeking a great quality of life without breaking the bank. Which supports a range of innovative retail concepts. Nothing beats the allure of an attainable Southern California location.

The art of placemaking: strategic, creative and tactical.

An area’s economic development and community building is an embroidered tapestry woven with the concept of placemaking. What, exactly, is placemaking? It is a multidisciplinary way — a system — for the planning, design and management of public spaces and neighborhoods; an approach which endeavors to make the most of a local community’s assets. That means sustainable quality places that contribute to and enhance a region’s economic prosperity.

Location. Community. Opportunity.

Placemaking, quite simply, is a commitment to creating spaces that citizens and businesses care about and want to spend time in. It must be welcoming and walkable, interesting and interactive, visually appealing, with activities for people to enjoy including shops, restaurants and other amenities. Add art, culture, recreation and green spaces — places for people to gather and connect — and you’ve got an immersive experience as well as a successful community.

A few numbers to consider.

The ever-evolving demographics of the East Valley region support the trend toward younger families moving to the area. With a substantial number of young families in and around Indio, as well as other areas, the median age is now only 32, nearly six years younger than the national average.

Population estimate: more than 230,000

Increasingly younger demographic; median age: 32

Average household income: $66,000

Latino population: 68.2%

Households: 60,000


East Valley: a place to develop.

The East Coachella Valley is ripe with opportunities, with all the data to support this. The EVC and its partners can help you analyze information, producing actionable insights that accelerate smart decisions. With community designated areas zoned appropriately for respective uses, through our expanded real estate and partner network, you’ll find access to a multitude of properties. Between our incorporated and unincorporated areas, downtowns and outlying acreage, an abundance of land and buildings are available.

Natural beauty meets economic viability.

It might be hard to imagine a great Southern California location with affordable land to develop, properties to lease, and areas for large real estate expansion. But its all here. Further, the East Valley benefits from three convenient airports: Palm Springs International Airport, Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport in Thermal, and Bermuda Dunes Airport.

With the prospect of increasing railway service and an inland port concept, the possibilities for transportation, light manufacturing and industrial uses multiply. Even more, the availability of large tracts of land mean exceptional development opportunities.

Add to the mix a geographic location of rare natural beauty, surrounded by the visual postcard of mountains, and year-round sunshine that makes the area ideal for outdoor adventure like hiking, biking and jeep touring, poolside leisure and every sport imaginable. All indicators point to one conclusion: the East Valley is destined for success.

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