Salton Sea Update

From: Nathan White []
Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2017 7:33 AM
To: Wright, Robert <BobWright@RIVCO.ORG>
Subject: USDA grant

Good Morning Bob,

I wanted to send a link about a grant solicitation that is coming up on April 24th for wetland creation on current or previous farmland. If you have anyone in your network that would be interested in participation in such a submittal with our team and industrial partners let me know. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. 

Could be an opportunity to bring big dollars and high tech systems to conserve and treat water on site and produce more produce per acre while also providing habitat. It would not preclude or interrupt any farms currently in use from working with us. Fallow land is best. Attached are some examples.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Nathan White
CEO - Agess, Inc.