Doing business in the coachella valley


  • A variety of Attraction, Expansion and Retention incentives offered
  • Regional Foreign Trade Zone Status (some areas are pending)
  • Fast Track development and direct access to each of the entitling agencies
  • Recycling Market Development Zone Incentives
  • Direct access to services provided by the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership (CVEP)
  • Low utility rates and a connection to local utility providers
  • Information and demographic data for each of the partners
  • Demographics – 2015 Estimates – The East Valley Coalition population is estimated to be approximately 230,000 and growing. This area consist of a younger demographic and is projected to have a median age of 32 years (United States 37.9). The area’s Latino population is estimated at 68.2%. The number of households is estimated around 60,000 with continued growth as the region continues to construct over 400 new homes annually. The average household income is over $66,000. The area’s educational background estimates consist of 3.9% with a Master’s Degree, 1.4% with a professional Degree, 0.6% with a Doctorate, and 11.3% with a Bachelor’s Degree. The area provides unmatched California Quality of Life offering a variety of new housing stock, a large tourism population, a variety of outdoor recreational activities, great weather, and internationally renowned annual events.