March Meeting Notes

East Valley Coalition Action Minutes Nove 16th 2017




REGIONAL BRANDING: Create a regional brand and promote that brand throughout the region
1. The marketing firm JNS/Next was selected to create and produce materials for the EVC.
2. The first EVC video was produced and introduced at the first annual CV SBDC/EVC Coachella Valley Business Conference in April 2017. This was a co-production of the East Valley Coalition and the Coachella Valley Small Business Development Center in partnership with Riverside County EDA.
3. The EVC Marketing Committee was formed in September 2017 and met to set future EVC marketing goals.
4. The EVC is a member and Gold sponsor of the GCV Chamber of Commerce.
5. The EVC is a member and sponsor of the Desert Valley Builders Association.
6. The EVC is a Board member and sponsor of Growing Coachella Valley.
7. The EVC is a continuing sponsor of the BIA (Building Industry Association).
8. The EVC is a Board member and sponsor of the Salton Sea Action Committee.
9. The EVC is a Board member of the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership.
10. The EVC was a founding member of the SBA (Small Business Administration) Partner Committee.
11. The EVC is a member of the CVB (Convention Visitors Bureau) East Valley Advisory Committee. Discussions regarding setting up the EV Advisory Committee as an arm of the EVC Marketing Committee are underway.
12. The EVC is a member and sponsor of CALED (California Economic Development).
13. The EVC is a member and sponsor of ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers).
14. The EVC is a sponsor of the CV SBDC (Coachella Valley Small Business Development Center). programs and workshops. The EVC Manager is the acting Assistant director of the CV SBDC.
15. The EVC meets regularly with Federal, State and local elected and appointed officials to discuss the needs of the east valley region.

TOURISM / ATTRACTION: Identify and focus marketing efforts through targeting marketing tourism
1. The EVC is a member of the CVB East Valley Advisory Committee.
2. The EVC is focused through the EVC website to promote all local activities on the site.
3. The EVC is working with the CVB to explore tourism opportunities in the east valley and meets regularly with the CVB CEO and Staff.
4. The EVC is actively involved with the new Hilton Hotel Project in Coachella, and is coordinating the staffing requirements for the opening in April 2018 with the organizers.
5. The EVC is involved in planning a major event for east valley tourism slated for January 2019 with an announcement due January 2018. Announcement at EVC strategic planning session in January 2018.
INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT: Attract and expand industrial development in the east valley
1. The EVC and the offices of local elected officials successfully helped Palm Silage (a local commercial animal feed producer) find an environmental classification to retain and grow the business. (20 employees/2-3M in estimated annual sales).
2. The EVC is assisting the Cabazon Tribe on the planning and facilitating of the proposed FTZ (Free Trade Zone), Thermal Customs Office and CV Inland Port projects (regional job and income estimates NA).
3. The EVC worked with the site selection and Indio permitting for the new Quadrow Specialty Environments component office and manufacturing site in Indio. Now open (Estimated 15 jobs and estimated 5M in annual sales). The EVC is involved with an access to capital component for the new business and the future expansion plans.
4. The EVC worked with Riverside County Planning and Supervisors Office to expedite the approval of a self-storage facility in Bermuda Dunes. Construction begins in early 2018 (4 jobs/estimated annual sales NA).
5. The EVC has worked with the City of Coachella and New West Development to promote the proposed I-10 and Avenue 50 interchange and parkway project. This is one of the most important infrastructure projects in the east valley and especially to the Cities of Indio, Coachella and La Quinta which it intersects.
6. The EVC has participated in the planning of the future Indio, La Quinta and Coachella Downtown mixed use projects process. The EVC continues to pursue small local businesses to fill the new and existing storefronts.
7. The EVC participates in Salton Sea restoration and the perimeter lake planning discussions. The region is prime for the largest economic development opportunities in the future. It is important for the EVC to stay at the forefront of the discussions and planning sessions. The EVC is a Board Member of the Salton Sea Action Committee and works closely with the Salton Sea Authority.

RETAIL DEVELOPMENT: Stimulate new retail development and retain existing businesses in the region
1. The EVC worked directly with CVAG and the business owner to lower the set TUMF fees approximately 300K to enable the Golden Corral Restaurant move closer to opening a new operation in Indio in 2018 (125 jobs/7-8M in annual sales).
2. The EVC worked successfully to place an angel funder/consultant with the existing Jules Market in La Quinta. That collaboration has enabled Jules Market to become financially stable and ensure retention and future expansion to Indio (40 jobs/3-5M in projected annual sales). Exciting announcement in January 2018 for the future of Jules Market.
3. The EVC and Lundin Development resurrected the Pavilion Palms Shopping Center on Jefferson Street and Avenue 50. The Center will include a supermarket, fuel center and 10 retail pad opportunities for La Quinta. (Estimated 250 jobs and 30-40M in annual sales at buildout) with an estimated 15M in fuel sales.
4. The EVC has worked with Square Print Clothing for almost two years to locate a suitable location. The EVC worked with local school districts to secure contracts. When built the Square Print and Matchback Companies will have a retail and manufacturing storefront in La Quinta (7 jobs/3M in estimated local regional sales).
5. The EVC has worked with Lundin Development on securing the abandoned Target Shopping Center in Indio for the past three months. This is a real big box repurposing project that at buildout is estimated to produce 30M in annual sales and employ 400.
6. The EVC has worked with the owners of the new to the valley French Rotisserie Restaurant in La Quinta. A new location was chosen across from La Quinta City Hall and will open in early 2018. This will be a nice addition to the existing Ralphs Center in Old Town La Quinta. (4-6 employees and an estimated 1.5M in annual sales).
7. The EVC has worked closely with the Haagen Company in regards to the Indio Fashion Mall purchase and repurpose plans. New construction is slated to begin in 2018. This marks a new beginning for retail development on the Indio 111 Corridor. (Estimated annual sales and employment NA).


1. The EVC Website has grown in content and style from the original platform. We are enjoying great analytics for a smaller site. The Marketing Committee has set new goals and branding for 2018.
2. JNS Next will be taking the EVC website over in 2018 from the current provider to expand into the GIS and ESRI platforms so we can utilize specific property inventory and searches for each individual city and area.
3. Analytics are now measured monthly.
4. The EVC Technology Committee met and set goals for 2018.
5. Social Media: the EVC Facebook account has been live since April 2016. The EVC Marketing Committee is considering future management by JNS/Next. The EVC has over 400 followers.
6. Physical location for the EVC was established at the Workforce Development Center in April 2016. The EVC office is conveniently located next to the Riverside County Small Business Center, the CV SBDC and RC Workforce Development Staff.
7. The EVC acts as the resource for the monthly Business Partners meeting which includes the SBA, Woman’s Business Center, GCVCC, SCORE, CVEP and the CV SBDC.
8. The EVC provides tours to all newly appointed economic development directors and City Managers.
9. The EVC meets monthly with the three City Managers over lunch. In 2018 the Cabazon Tribe General Manager will join the Group.


1. Strategic Planning session successfully held with 100% attendance of EVC Members. A Mission Statement, three year goals and S.W.O.T. analysis were created and analyzed. The six month follow up session is scheduled for January 2108.
2. EVC Committee structure was created and groups are meeting monthly.
3. The JPA process was started and will be finalized by January 2018.
4. The EVC partnered with the CV SBDC in securing a Native American entrepreneurial grant for 25K. Future grants will be explored by the soon to be formed EVC Grant Committee.
5. The EVC worked with all the Members involved and CVAG to help secure a 1.5M infrastructure grant for the I-10 interchange projects.
6. The EVC is hosting a disaster preparedness program on February 15th 2018 at Fantasy Springs that will concentrate on what to do before a disaster with local agencies and FEMA.
7. The EVC is planning and sponsoring the 2nd annual Coachella Valley Business Conference in April 2018. Last year’s event was a very well attended session of 300. The new EVC video will be debuted at the conference.
8. The EVC Membership Committee approved adding up to 25 EVC Board Members made up of regional business leaders and developers.


With the establishment of the EVC Committees, the Organization is now focused on moving forward with strategic planning goals and metrics. The EVC is running with a budget surplus for 2017-2018 which will allow for future marketing expansion. With the addition of new Board Members, the EVC can partner more effectively with the JPA governmental Members. The EVC has met most of the desired goals to date but still has more to accomplish to make the Organization the major regional player that it was envisioned to become by the founding Members. The 2018 strategic planning session will evaluate and lay out the new goals for the Coalition.

Nov 2017 Board Meeting Agenda


The EVC has been very busy since our October Board meeting. Planning for the CVSBDC/EVC Tribal Outreach Roundtable is ongoing and is now scheduled for early December. The EVC will be participating in the GCVCC Small Business Expo on November 16th at Fantasy Springs Resort and the 4th annual Riverside County Workforce Summit on November 30th also at Fantasy Springs Resort. The EVC is working closely with the Riverside County Office of Foreign Trade on the planning of the next CV Agricultural Summit to be held on March 14th at the Riverside County Fairgrounds in Indio.

Having the Summit in the east valley is very important to our local agricultural partners who live and work in the eastern Coachella Valley. The EVC has been working on a collaboration between the Children’s Discovery Museum in Rancho Mirage, the Old Town Artisans Studio in La Quinta, the Coachella Valley Housing Coalition in Indio and both DSUSD and CVUSD to promote lasting program opportunities for our youth in the east valley through outreach and mobile educational programs.

This is only the beginning of what I hope becomes the groundwork for a brick and mortar facility in the east valley. The EVC has been working behind the scenes on three large retail projects and we hope to announce real progress on all three developments in January. Work continues with the EVC and our Cabazon Tribal Members to move forward with the Free Trade Zone, Customs office and Inland Port concept for the east valley. I am happy to announce that the Avenue 50 and I-10 overpass project’s environmental applications have been approved clearing the way for shovel ready development which is a game changer for all three of our east valley cities.

The EVC is continuing to make progress on the JPA transition and all of the EVC Committees met on November 9th and reports will be given at the November Board meeting on the 16th. The agenda is almost complete for the 2nd annual CV Business Conference in April 2018 and it is shaping up to be bigger and better than this year’s inaugural event. The EVC is still in the planning stages for the 2nd annual East Valley ICSC P-3 and the Site Selectors events slated for spring 2018. For those of you that have not gotten your photos and short biographies into me for the website, please get done and sent to me before December 20th. It is my goal to get all of our Members and eventually all of the EVC Partners to direct link their websites to

We are now entering our busy fall and winter season and each one of our three Cities are having exciting events almost weekly. I hope that all of the EVC Members and Partners will take advantage of all of these events to help promote our beautiful Eastern Coachella Valley Communities. Feel free to contact me for details regarding any and all of the events mentioned. I look forward to seeing You All at these important functions. Please share any photos you may take and I will get up on the EVC Facebook page or the EVC website.

Bob Wright



Chairman Mike Wilson

Vice Chairman V. Manuel Perez

Treasurer Bill Pattison

Secretary Bob Wright



Carl Morgan

Gabriel Martin

Gilbert Villalpando

Bob Wright

Bianca Nolasco

Emmanuel Martinez

Jacqueline Barnum



Bill Pattison

 Mike Wilson

Rob Moran

Joaquin Tijerina

Bob Wright





Steven Hernandez

Steve Brown

Linda Evans

Robert Del Mas

Elaine Holmes

Bob Wright



Frank Spevacek

John Pena

Joey Acuna

Steve Brown

Bob Wright



Linda Evans

Rosa Maria Gonzales

Emmanuel Martinez

Robert Del Mas



Paul Slama

Bob Wright



Chairman Mike Wilson

Bob Wright



  1. Confirm membership on all committees
  2. Elect Chairman
  3. Set meeting dates, times and location
  4. Define purpose and direction of all committees
  5. Create monthly reports to Board (due to manager the Friday prior to board meeting for inclusion in board packets to Members), and short verbal report to Membership at board meetings

proposed EVC 2017-2018 Budget (2)

Action Minutes for Sept 21st, 2017