Advising business. Powering progress. 

The EVC, in partnership with its extended network of alliances, offers a wealth of resources and a vast toolkit that includes the complete range of strategic advisory services. With the right guidance and expertise, our unified and cohesive network leverages credentialed experts and established relationships to help just about any size entity relocate, stay, expand or get started.

Connecting people to partners.

Working closely with our partners, the Riverside County Economic Development Agency (EDA) and the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), along with its team of consultants and specialists, you can receive high quality business services that cover the range of small business needs. With a solid knowledge base, analytics and innovation, we use our partnerships and expertise to help you develop and grow.

The team that means business.

Business services provided through the SBDC, funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration, include one-on-one consulting, helping you secure funding and prepare documents; developing a thoughtful business plan; accounting; marketing and marketing research; government procurement; operations management; sales and business development; human resources; website design and development; international trade and more.

Whether you’re crafting a presentation for investors, seeking community lending programs, selecting key vendors or closing the deal, from optimizing productivity to increasing profitability, you’re in good hands with the SBDC from start to finish.

At your service: developing your workforce.

Add to that our Workforce Development Division (WDD) recruitment and training staff. Working closely with the Riverside County EDA, with whom we share office space, you can simplify business expansion or relocation. When it comes to Workforce Development, the EDA can assist or even take over your employee recruitment and training efforts.

Our EDA Workforce Development professionals and their recruitment and training services include the following: the team will analyze your human resource needs; develop hiring criteria; advertise for your employee recruitment program; screen, test and assess applicants; provide training programs; and conduct orientations for new employees.

In addition to these value added services, free of charge, your company may qualify for additional savings programs. And, among its many programs, the EDA offers Fast Track for companies who qualify, to expedite the permitting and approval process.

Financing your vision: access to capital.

In addition, to further the EDA’s mission to expand the local economy, Riverside County offers low-cost, long-term financing to qualified businesses expanding, upgrading existing facilities or relocating to Riverside County. We have access to a range of financing from angel investors to venture capital (VC) to enable you to compete on a larger stage. From Tax Exempt Industrial Development Bonds and Recycling Market Development Zone Loans to Small Business Administration Loans and more, you’ll find a range of financial options for which your organization may qualify.

Research at the ready.

In addition to numerous resources at the Riverside County EDA, you’ll find the Center for Demographics, with extensive demographic data on Riverside County. Whether you need help identifying consumer markets, defining demand for services, or evaluating the need for specific products and services in a given geographical area, the Center for Demographics can supply the data to make intelligent decisions.

To get started or simply have a conversation, contact Bob Wright today at  BobWright@RIVCO.ORG or 760.408.7488. Or Joaquin Tijerina at