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go mobileHello… it’s one of the most important things you can do for your business.

Awhile back it was an option but Google decided that the customer experience at visiting websites was the most important thing it could champion. They were right! When you get to a website that isn’t mobile friendly it’s a pain to use so most visitor bounce out in favor for a mobile friendly website.

About three months after making this statement it said that it would show websites in their search results who were not mobile friendly… and now it even extends to tablet friendly plus other devices.

Now consider this fact that 82% of Americans now search for products or services via a mobile device! You can even go and find out if your website is mobile friendly: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

So if your site isn’t mobile friendly you really need to get that fixed! Losing customers for the lack of technology conformance is really not a good thing. You spend all your time to get them to your website and it’s hard to use or worse yet Google.com doesn’t show you in mobile search… yikes!

There are WordPress sites that are friendly to all forms of viewers and this is the easiest way to cover all your bases. So when you work with your web master or the like, look for WP templates that are all device friendly and you can avoid this pit fall altogether.

As with all websites you have to really consider call to actions and conversion. In addition you should have the ability to gather emails for a newsletter later on so you can communicate with your interested customers or potential customers.

Lastly consider your website address known as a URL. Don’t make it hard to spell, too long, or have “dashes” in the URL. Try to keep to a dot.com name where ever you can.

In conclusion… mobile friendly, make a URL easy to spell and don’t use dashes or the like in your URL. Try to keep to a dot.com name where ever possible.

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