Well now think of your own surfing habits… you land on a site and if they have video you tend to watch that over reading. It’s not always true but statistically it’s in the 90% tile. People like to watch and they really don’t like to read.

What that tells you is that you need to have video on your most popular landing pages. Oh, don’t know what those are? Easy! Get your webmaster to install Google analytics and in a short time you can see where people land, what the click on, and where they go. To that end you also want to put your best deals on the most popular pages too!

Video is engaging your clients and you can really show your offerings, products, and services via a good video. Word of advice on embeded video is that you want to turn OFF the “suggestions” from YouTube; if in fact you use YouTube to serve your video. I always tell clients that in fact you only want to serve video from YouTube as it’s the second largest search engine on the web! The terms they use are a little different than webmasters so “tags” are in fact “keywords”!

Having video on each page of your website, where it makes sense, is super important. As your visitors get more and more interested in your offering, product or service they tend to drill down into your website. Your video strategy should reflect this visitor drill down and help them to come to a true “call to action”. 

So when you think about your call to actions make sure your videos do, in fact, follow that line of thinking all to the end of getting your clients to make a decision. Don’t just put up video for the sake “it’s cool” but rather think of the goal of the website… and that is to get your visitors to become customers!

Peter Brusso Ph.D.

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