These days a website is a must for your business. Here at EVC we want to attract companies into the Coachella valley and help them to succeed here in the valley. To that end we, here on our website, will have important and valuable blog posts to help you succeed in your endeavor. 

Every brick and mortar business has a website and social media presence. No successful business is without those two things in today’s business structure. So most businesses think that a good looking website will win the day. NOT! 

The most important thing about a website are scientifically found keywords that can, in time, put you high on a good search. First you have bring traffic to your website and then you need to concentrate on visitor conversion. What is that you might say? Well statistically a really good website will convert 1% of the visitors to customers. So it becomes a statistics game… 1000 unique visitors a day to your website you have the chance to convert 10 to customers. So a really smart website strategy focuses on unique and more importantly qualified visitors. 

For example, if you are selling steaks on your website, you only want people who eat steak to visit. Vegans will never become your clients so your keywords have to send traffic to your website that are meat eaters. It’s just that simple. Now, most webmasters know little about scientifically found keywords for traffic because they really don’t focus on making money from the web. They are centered on how beautiful it looks etc but not on sales. 

There are some very important things to understand when it comes to website conversion

As was stated earlier you need qualified traffic to your website. Without this you will not make website sales. Even if you say you are not selling anything on your website your products then become a phone call, an email or even get them on your mail lists. 

The next task at hand is the conversion. Most of the text and layout of each page should be such that you have “calls to action”. What do you want your visitor to do? Make a call? Send you an email? Or the like… which is very important for your business as a whole. 

So in closing, keywords are king. Keywords are found using sophisticated software and professions who can scientifically hunt for the right keywords for your business. These keywords have to placed into 8 specific places in your webpages to get Google to notice them… and they must be used over your social media network.

Finally once you have the qualified client on your site you have to get them to take action. This is the secret to getting customers off the web!

Peter Brusso Ph.D.

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